Are You Safe? Tips To Safeguard And Make Sure Your Family Is Protected

Are you rent an apartment or are a home owner?

Do you have a family?

Do you care about their safety and well being?

Do the many changes that have taken place lately concern you?

If you answered yes to any of the above this article is for you. With todays changing world things like fire and personal safety now have higher priority than they have ever had before.

In this article we well look at some of the most critical areas that can affect your family’s and your life forever. We are going to cover 4 areas of safety and security you need to look at and some tips on how you can ensure that your home and family are protected and secure during the many changes that are occurring in our society and in the world.

Fire Safety

The loss of a home to fire is one of the most tragic things that can happen to you as a home owner or renter. You possessions and valuables may be destroyed or damaged by fire or water in the course of fighting the fire. However, the greatest fear you have is the loss of a loved one during such an event.

Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help insure that your family knows what to do in the event of a fire.

    • Plan for fire ahead of time
    • Have escape routes mapped out of your home.
    • If you have a second story have an escape ladder or a knotted rope that can let family members escape safely.
    • Place fire extinguishers near areas where fire is most likely to occur
    • Install Smoke detectors and Carbon monoxide detectors for Carbon Monoxide safety.
    • Schedule regular Fire Drills and insure everyone knows where to meet outside after getting out of the house.
    • Have emergency phone numbers prominently posted and displayed near all phones in your home
    • Have the emergency phone numbers in the speed dial of you mobile and handheld.
    • Have a a home alarm system that can call the Fire Department in the event of fire.
    • Have an alarm company that monitors your home 24X7 or when you leave on holiday.

By doing these thing you can help insure the safety of your family in the event of a fire.

After School Safety

Many time nowadays because your and your spouse must work your children must come home to an empty house. Latch Key children are more susceptible to violence and kidnapping now more than ever. This too can be minimized by following some simple steps.

    • Make sure your child has a cell phone with Police and yours and your offices phone number.
    • Have emergency phone numbers posted by all the phones in the home and insure your children know how to use them.
    • Work with your neighbors to set up Neighborhood Safety meetings and have everyone keeping the look out for suspicious people hanging about the neighborhood.
    • Emergency signaling devices like pocket screamers and whistles that can summon aid while outside the house.
    • Training your child to recognize danger and never to accompany any one that is not on a list you have approved of.
    • Get your children to check in with you when they leave there friend’s houses and head home.
    • Agree on times for staying out late.

By teaching your child to be alert and aware can prevent many of the tragedies you read about or see on the news.

Home Security

Protecting your home when your are not there or while you sleep. Now days the technology is there to make your home secure from burglary or home invasions which are on the rise after the 2008 Financial Meltdown.

You can now have

    • webcams in every room of your house and
    • Door an window sensors that tell you if they are opened.
    • motion sensors that detect the presence of intruders.
    • Outdoor motion and movement sensors
    • Automatic lighting and spotlights that light up to illuminate your property.
    • You can now remotely turn on your lights in your home and unlock your front door from the safety of your car or even from you office.
    • You can check on your home and family with your handheld or mobile phone.
    • Home security company can monitor your entire home while you are asleep or on Holiday or vacation and dispatch security personnel to your home and call the police if the situation arises as well.

You can now rest easy at work or at night when you sleep secure in the knowledge that your family, home and property are protected 24 hours a day year round rain or shine

Medical Security

Today the elderly are more likely to be living alone away from their family than in former years. This poses some addition concerns in addition to all the ones mention earlier. Elderly people are more prone to accidents and injuries. They are also more likely to have

    • Medical Alerts and emergencies
    • Smoking in bed accidents
    • Failure to take medications on time
    • Fainting
    • Home Invasion
    • Assault

A home security system can be tailored and integrated with home medical services to monitor and assist your older family member without intruding and affecting their quality of life.

Medical personnel can check on your relative remotely and remind them to take medications. Weekly or daily visits by in-home caregivers, backed up by a qualified nursing staff can even take care of meals and cleaning chores for them. Emergency signal bracelets and pendants can call for assistance in case of fall or other medical emergency.

When outside the home these devices can track the location and summon aid in the event of assault, attempted robbery or those with medical conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Your worries about your family member’s health and security will be over.


We have seen in this article there are many issues that can affect the health and safety of your family.

But with proper prior planning many of the issuers that plague the rest of the America need not trouble you when you follow these simple tips and enlist the help of specialists who own and operate the Home care, Home security, and home alarm monitoring companies in your area they can team with you to insure your home and your loved ones are free from the ills that now affect the rest of the world.